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Indicted  by World Fishing C&H

Full steak by weight

Price per pound

Tilapia fillet / Pound

1 Gram



- Fish usually admit a temperature between  0ºC and 2ºC  for about  a maximum of three days . But it is best to consume it no later than the second day.

- Before refrigerating it we have to clean it properly. Also, if what we want is to extend your  stay  in the fridge, we can  add crushed ice  to the fish before putting it in the fridge.


- Once clean of entrails and scales, the fish can be placed in the freezer at a temperature ranging between  -1ºC and -10ºC . Likewise, it is preferable not to freeze a fish if we are not able to ensure its degree of freshness when preparing it for freezing.

- When defrosting it, we must  take it out and leave it in the fridge  so that little by little it recovers its natural state.

Do not mix with other food products to ensure its quality and life use.

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