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National pig  processed by Ripal

Full  by weight

Price per pound

Boneless pork leg / pound

1 Gram

The pork must be portioned according to the number of diners (people who eat at home), weight per portion 125 gr. approximately, slices according to preparation and packed in plastic bags, before freezing.
The appropriate container for its preservation will be a container with a grid, so that the juice that is released is not in contact with the meat.
Its duration:  Pork pulp meat, refrigerated, 8 days approximately. Frozen, fillet approximately 6-12 months. Cutlet, 4-6 months. Packages, 4-12 months.
Raw bacon refrigerated for 5 days and frozen for approximately 1 month.
Ground pork with or without marinade, refrigerated 1-2 days and frozen 3-4 months.
Freeze - Refrigerate
6-12 months - 2-3 days max.
TIPS: Lean (fat-free) and marinated (fresh) meats have more "shelf life."


Taken from: Asociación Porkcolombia National Pig Farming Fund

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